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Allergy Partners of North America specializes in implementing allergy testing and immunotherapy programs with little to no burden on existing staff members or the current practice dynamic. The allergy-testing program is quickly put in place with incredibly high rates of success. At no cost to the practice, a highly trained staff member will be provided to you. The staff member will oversee the initial transition; ensure a smooth start up, and fantastic day-to-day operations.

This program provides great benefit to the health and well being of patients, while also adding a substantial revenue stream for the physicians practice.

  • No start-up costs
  • Implement a fully turn-key allergy testing and immunotherapy program
  • Provide highly trained staff members
  • Insure that quality and compliance remain of utmost importance
  • Provide all equipment including antigens and testing supplies necessary for program implementation
  • Follow National ENT Guidelines for testing and treatment
  • All documentation is provided for appropriate compliance and billing measures

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